From The Rectory

Dear Friends,

October is the month when most of the churches and the schools across the Mission Community will be holding Harvest Festivals: offering the opportunity to give thanks to God for our food, the produce of earth and sea, and express gratitude for those who work the land, and harvest the seas so that we are fed. After the challenges of this year especially, we have much for which to be thankful to them.

While we are giving thanks for the food with which we nourish our bodies, it is a good time to reflect on how our souls, are nourished too. Whilst we recognise physical hunger quite well, we may not always be as aware of our spiritual hunger, or know how to find the food for our souls that we need. During half term (19thOctober - 4th November) there will be a tasting opportunity with activities for prayer and spiritual reflection in Lynton and Parracombe churches. The different activities aim to help you notice what helps you connect with God best – where and when are you most aware of the awe and wonder of this world, most deeply able to see the good in others, to give and receive love, to recognise that you are loved by God and to feel most truly yourself? What helps you pray? What most brings you alive?

Are you someone who gets your greatest sense of God when you are outside, in the beauty of nature? Or is the beauty of art or music, or the enjoyment of great food what lifts your spirit? Do you find that the regular use of traditional prayers is what anchors you in awareness of God? Do you crave silence and a simple place, praying best away from the crowd? Or is your best form of prayer action – loving your neighbour and challenging what is wrong in our world? Maybe you find a deep connection with God as you care for another person? Perhaps you are constantly amazed by the power of God you see at work around you and want to enthuse in upbeat music and by talking to people about your amazement? Or is yours a quieter, contemplative spirituality, gazing lovely at God and letting love gaze back? Do you enjoy knowing about things – grappling with coming to understand and having knowledge about faith? Or is it in your own creativity, makingthings through art or craft, that you are in touch with the Creator.

Maybe you don’t know yet. Maybe you’ve not connected some of these things with God, or the God others talk about. Come and explore what feeds your soul. And as ever, if you want to talk about what you find, do get in touch.

God bless, Samantha



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